About DEPHOS Group


Company Profile and Structure

Established in 2000, DEPHOS Group Ltd has consistently been at the forefront of photogrammetric mapping and 3D data acquisition. With core expertise in photogrammetry, laser scanning and geodesy this is the full-service geomatics firm DEPHOS Group utilize airborne and terrestrial based data collection methods to deliver a range of 3D modelled or cartographic data products for use in CAD and GIS systems. Resulting from continued success in its software and hardware development programs, together with its reputation in the acquisition of 3D data; DEPHOS Group now consists of four distinct divisions and brands:

TERRAMAP Middle East – having long experience in the Middle East, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia DEPHOS Group decided to open daughter company in the city of Riyadh. Direct presence in the region leads to maintaining superior contact with the clients and assures even better quality of service and responsiveness.

ADRAM – After 3 years of research and development, DEPHOS Group now offers the ADRAM ultralight airborne mapping system for projects worldwide. Consisting of a full integration between an ultralight gyrocopter manned airborne data collection platform, high-end lidar, digital aerial cameras and inertial navigation systems; ADRAM provides compelling efficiencies over traditional airborne or even new UAV capture solutions.

LiMON – The result of over 18 years of software development at DEPHOS Group is the LiMON Point cloud software. The LiMON software suite provides the tools necessary for users for best view, manipulate and delivering point cloud data produced by the latest in digital photogrammetric techniques or laser scanning systems.

Revoscan – Providing 3D products for advertising, gaming and tourism industries; the Revoscan 3D capture system produces fully textured 3D digital models of objects ranging from sports shoes through to museum artifacts.




Originally founded as a photogrammetric software development company, the foresight and experience of DEPHOS Group has resulted in pioneering endeavors such as being probably the first company in Poland to use 3D laser scanning technology on its projects and the development of the ADRAM ultralight airborne mapping system.

The DEPHOS Group has almost 2 decades of experience in project range from those at a national level, such as mapping the coastal zone along Poland’s Baltic Sea shoreline or the development of a web-based e-information system for the City of Zabrze and international like the Survey and Documentation of Atturaif Heritage site in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Based in the Polish city of Krakow, DEPHOS Group benefits from close relations with its local universities. This has led to access to highly trained candidates when expanding its team and fruitful collaborations on multidisciplinary projects. Being in the European Union means that work at DEPHOS Group complies with exceptional professional standards and working policies. European Union membership has also provided a catalyst to innovation, such as through the completion in 2015 of the European Research and Development Fund projects (POIG 1.4) that has now been commercialized in the form of the Revoscan automatic 3D digitization system, ADRAM  Mapping System and LiMON Software


Our Aproach

All work undertaken at DEPHOS Group managed in accordance with relevant best practices and standards in project management, with focus on quality, communication, professional standards, time frames and budget. Across all divisions of DEPHOS Group, the definition of a successful project only begins with on-time delivery that successfully meets its technical requirements. To be considered truly successful, it is the intention of any DEPHOS Group project team that there has been close cooperation with the client, a full understanding of project goals and that any deliverables are actively used within the client’s organization


Our team

Operating a flat management structure with transparent decision-making procedures, the DEPHOS Group includes a team of highly-educated professional specialists that possess relevant designations in surveying, photogrammetry, cartography, architecture and software development. With a focus on continued professional development, DEPHOS Group both provide the opportunity and seek to be involved in both professional and academic collaborations. Being a survey and mapping company comprising of up to 60 people during peak flying season, DEPHOS Group has both the capacity and agility to simultaneously deliver an ever-changing portfolio of enterprise scale projects in a cost effective and timely manner.


Quality Policy

As quality conscious organization, DEPHOS Group shall operate to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and quality of Services. These objectives will be implemented and carried out by:

  • Complying to all national and international standards, codes and requirements
  • Using state-of-the-art technology, equipment and software
  • Development of our facilities and training of personnel
  • Ensuring cost effective jobs, services and delivering it right first time.
  • Taking individual responsibility of our actions