Other services

Land surveys

DEPHOS Group deploys latest technologies to deliver most up to date products to customers. Nevertheless, classic high precision land surveys are core foundation of achieving exceptional precision and quality in most of the projects.  

GPS measured points provide georefernce for aerial imagery and ortophotos. LiDAR control planes are measured using GPS or reflector less total stations. Mobile or corridor mapping is supported with precise leveling when Z accuracy is the key. Ground control networks allow to register (connect) terrestrial point clouds with millimeters precision. 

DEPHOS Group performs field surveys not only as support for data acquisition but also as independent projects like quality check and verification of existing benchmarks, establishing of new benchmark networks, engineering surveys and setting out for construction processes, survey monitoring of displacements and deformations of sensitive and strategic objects. Existing land features and legal boundaries are surveyed to create or update base maps or cadasters. Simultaneously features’ attributes are registered to implement into GIS data base. 

Knowledge and experience gained on many projects allows DEPHOS Group to perform most demanding tasks in the field of surveys where accuracy, precision and ability to work in difficult conditions matter.