Airborne Mapping

3D City modeling

Based in the historical city of Krakow, DEPHOS Group has long worked on projects related to heritage sites and urban planning. Advancements in computer graphics means that ever more realistic visualizations of 3D architecture can not only be used but served to the public and professional stakeholders alike. Initiatives such as Smart Cities and increased focus on energy simulations in urban planning practices mean that there is a further demand for realistic 3D City Models. 

Innovative data collection platforms such as the ultralight ADRAM  airborne mapping system, equipped with a tightly coupled LiDAR and high-resolution aerial camera, mean that textured point clouds of the highest resolution can be produced across urban areas in a cost-effective manner. From this raw data, the DEPHOS Group team can apply a variety of meshing and modelling techniques to produce city models at levels of detail that are suitable for the client application that further can be viewed and analyzed in a variety of GIS, web-based viewers or specialist architectural modelling environments.