Mobile Mapping

Railway mapping

On railways, mounted on a railway carriage or a specialist ‘Hi Rail’ vehicle, mobile mapping data has critical place in maintain positive train control. This include maintain standard clearance envelopes for train carriages to pass through the next work; also, clearances for overhead powerlines to inform vegetation management practices. On the rails themselves lidar data is dense enough to assess whether tracks are level to check distances between switches.  

The DEPHOS Group supports Rail surveying by collecting data to provide a clear understanding of the railway inventory and monitoring of railway structures such as Zig-Zag analysis, Clearance analysis, Wire Wear, Contact Wire, Pole Detection, Train Monitoring and Track Geometry. 

Managing and processing mobile mapping data of entire transportation networks is not a trivial task. Aside from collecting the raw data, it is the nearly 20 years of experience in geospatial software development, processing point clouds and airborne data that equips the DEPHOS Group team to provide an agency with the deliverables that fulfil the maintenance requirements at the time.