Terrestrial Mapping

Industrial analysis

The 3D models produced by DEPHOS Group provide the structural data used in a variety of downstream engineering procedures. DEPHOS Group approach is to work with structural engineers on these types of projects.  

One of the most common types of industrial analysis procedure that DEPHOS Group collects and models as-built data for is load modelling when working with structural steel. This can include the modelling of steel bridges that support overhead piping at chemical facilities, or the structural supports used to protect and maintain historical building facades when construction firms are undertaking city center renovation work. For these types of projects DEPHOS Group classify and model laser scan data of the existing structures into the 3D CAD data formats such as IFC, which are commonly used by structural modelling software. 

Further procedures for which DEPHOS Group provides 3D surface models derived from laser scan data include those that require increasingly complex or curved surfaces for use in finite element analysis (FEA). These models can provide the building-blocks for structural modelling tasks that compute processes such as aerodynamic properties or material flow in industry sectors such as renewable energy, oil and gas, or chemical production.