Terrestrial Mapping


Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the processes that creates and manages digital information related to a building (or another physical asset, such as a bridge) throughout its lifecycle, from its design, construction, to ongoing renovation and maintenance.  

At a basic level, BIM concerns the 3D structure of the building. Laser scanning services are an integral part in capturing as-built structure that is then modelled in 3D. BIM is far more than just 3D BIM geometries though, its principles account for both physical and functional attributes.  

Equipped with the latest design and modelling software such as Autodesk’s Revit, DEPHOS Group services can deliver models that comply with 3D BIM. The DEPHOS Group point clouds and models provide reference information for deeper BIM procedures too. Used in the context of 4D BIM, Terrestrial laser scanning captures ‘as-built’ information at each phase in the building’s lifecycle. Point clouds and models at each phase can provide information on specific construction elements that can be used to identify conflicts and minimize costly mistakes later in the lifecycle. In the context of 5D BIM, volumes of materials onsite can be measured and monitored to ensure accurate billing and management of costs.