Terrestrial Mapping

CAD documentation

Point clouds provide an exceptionally dense 3D survey dataset to be used as the reference for many applications, especially those industries such as architecture, engineering and construction (AEC). To be of best use in onward procedures, the point cloud data needs be re-interpreted, digitized and converted into 2D or 3D CAD data that is compatible with the design and engineering software that AEC professionals use. DEPHOS Group experts elaborate 2D deliverables like floor plans or survey elevations. 3D documentation deliverables like simplified 3D ‘block models’ of building extents, all the way through to detailed feature-based 3D models. Applications include using 2D floor plans or 3D models showing a building’s extent to be used when designing renovation on an existing building; or 3D models of specific structure supporting features to be used in load-bearing simulations. Visually realistic 3D models may be hosted in a GIS for heritage preservation purposes