Pomiary Lotnicze

Przetwarzanie danych LiDAR

From its roots as developers of photogrammetric software, through to being one of the first companies in Poland to use a LiDAR system, the capacity and experience of the DEPHOS Group to produce and process point cloud data is considerable. 

Producing a useable point cloud still takes skill and experience. If a LiDAR system has been flown, each flight strip needs to be aligned into one consistent dataset. If a point cloud is produced photogrammetrically, the correct types of control points need to be identified in the aerial triangulation process that is required prior to the dense image matching routine that computes the point cloud. 

Additional pre-processing steps such as filtering may then be performed. Artifacts in the point cloud that result from factors such as instrument noise or birds needs to be filtered out. Classifications can then be applied that aid further analysis or feature extraction. For example, classification routines that separate the ground from surface features. 

Once a complete point cloud has been aligned, undergone quality assurance and any pre-processing; the point cloud can be processed into additional products such as DTM/DSM. Alternatively, specific map features may be digitized into vector mapping products for use in a GIS or CAD system.