Pomiary Lotnicze

Mapy obiektów liniowych

A big advantage of aerial mapping is the ability collect survey data for linear features such as roads, gas pipes and powerlines. The direct georeferencing capabilities of a LiDAR system allows to collect 3D survey points along a corridor, using the minimum of ground control. This minimizes the requirement for field teams to walk the entire corridor.  

Corridor mapping is performed by helicopters due to their maneuverability and ability to fly at lower altitudes. To reduce the costs of these surveys, the aerial mapping industry has increasingly deploying unmanned aerial vehicles. The problem with UAVs is that flight regulations mean that in many cases the UAV needs to be flown within visual line of sight; and not over people or urban areas. These barriers are overcome when the DEPHOS Group deploys its ultralight ADRAM system, where using a manned gyrocopter platform, cost-effective surveys can be completed that comply with regulations.